About the experienced team at the Headache and Migraine Clinic Auckland

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About the experienced team at the Headache and Migraine Clinic Auckland

Nicky Collins has been specifically trained in Australia by Dean Watson to deliver the Watson Headache® Approach. We are excited to offer this groundbreaking and scientifically proven treatment to migraine sufferers in Auckland and beyond.

The diagnostic accuracy of the Watson Headache® Approach is unparalleled. It can confirm if disorders in the upper neck are responsible for headache or migraine and determine the exact nature of the disorder as well as which spinal joints are involved. There is no guesswork and no cracking or manipulation. Its unique and powerful feature involves temporary reproduction and resolution (easing) of usual head pain. For further information, go to www.WatsonHeadacheApproach.com

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Nicky Collins Dip Phys, Dip MT

Nicky Collins, Headache and Migraine Clinic Auckland

Nicky, Director and founder of the Headache and Migraine Clinic in Auckland, has over 25 years' experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

Nicky has extensive training in postural correction, muscle impairment and joint alignment, enabling her to have a greater understanding of all the contributing factors involved in injury and movement disorders.

More recently Nicky has trained at the Watson Headache® Institute, training based on the Watson Headache® Approach, a protocol for the skilled assessment and management of the upper cervical (neck) spine in headache and migraine conditions. The Watson Headache® Approach is recognised as a scientifically researched method of examination and treatment.

"Combining my years of experience and manual therapy skills, with Dean Watson's ground-breaking treatment approach to headache and migraines seemed a natural choice for me. I love having the opportunity to help people who have suffered for years with debilitating head pain."

Nicky has also been an advocate for sport and fitness, having been involved in national level athletics as a youth. She has always trained and kept fit and now enjoys orienteering. Her three teenage children keep her busy with their activities outside of work, and her love of travel and adventure is still strong.

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